About Us

C Y Holding Company, Ltd

We are an international manufacturer of Affordable Fire Rescue & Safety Equipment

with offices located in St. Louis, Missouri USA and Guangzhou, China

specializing in Fire Rescue & Safety Equipment, such as; Fire Escape Smoke Hoods,

Fire Blankets, Gas Masks, CHEM-BIO, Gas Fire Escape Smoke Hoods, CBRN, SCBA's,

Fire Escape Ropes, Escape Ladders, Fireman's Suits, as well as Tactical Body Armor.

Providing solutions for Governments, Military, Fire, First Responders, Rescue Authorities

and PPE Personal Protective Equipment for Individuals WORLD WIDE.


Our range of products provide up to 90 minutes of supplied or filtered breathable air

up to 600% greater life breathing capability than our competition, i.e. , DRAGER  / MSA 

/ Sundstrom / 3M as well as other high end products for less than half the cost.


Our product also has been tested at North Carolina State University on their

PYRO Dummy ( which is also used by USA DOD - Dept of Defense ) for testing

all fabrics against flame resistance worn by all military personnel.

Our products have been tested up to 3000 Fahrenheit ( 1600 C ) for three ( 3 & 5 ) seconds

with ZERO Penetration. Exceeds NFPA Standard 2112 by 50%


For these reason we presently supply the NBA in USA / The US Air Force / Australian Air Force

The Philippine Navy  / The CIA ( Central Intelligence Agency ) Exxon-Mobile / Shell Oil / Dow Chemical

NASA / The United Nations / Nestle / FEDEX / Samsung Electronics

and 1000's of others World Wide.


We even have our products on underwater submarines, merchant ships,

private yachts as well as the US Navy and have been US Coast Guard Approved.


Our Products are ideal for use in the Shipping Industry / Private Yachts / Chemical

Oil Facilities / Hotels / High Rise Office Buildings and by Correctional Facilities

Police / Fire Rescue / First Responders and the mining industry.


USAGE POLICY  Our ASE30 are ONLY 30 Minutes

If they are to be used below the 20th Floor then No problem - we will provide these units

If they are to be used above the 20th Floor -

WE WILL ONLY PROVIDE our  60 Minute Hood products

to ensure adequate time for either rescue or escape


We have many World Wide that use our 60 minute hood products.

We are the only Manufacturer that have these available World Wide

If the User insists on using our 30 Minute Hoods above the 20th Floor ,

we will insist that our Liability Release Form be signed prior to delivery

absolving us from any legal action should they or any user have complications

due to NOT having adequate time to either be rescued or to escape.


Remember 9-1-1 - There were 1000 units of the EVACU8 Safety Hoods

                                  ( by DuPont ) in each of the TWIN Towers

They were good for only 15 minutes against CO – Carbon Monoxide

- they didn't save anyone's life - it was not enough time

Fire is indiscriminate - You Need the Longest Possible Time for Your Protection

while attempting ESCAPE or Awaiting RESCUE

Please Note: the EVACU8 is no longer made since June of 2006, and Most recently

the Peace of Mind unit also has ceased to be made as of June 2010.



                          ONLY Provide 15 Minutes Protection against CO - Carbon Monoxide.

This is our policy

We do this to ensure the best possible protection for the user.

We are ONLY interested in protecting and Saving Lives

Hope this helps you now and in the future making sound decisions

to Protect You and Your Loved Ones.


TRAINING VIDEO: For Office Buildings - Hotels - Schools - Hospitals - Nursing Homes - Aircraft or

Watercraft we will provide a "How to Use" DEMO DVD to run in conjunction with your other broadcasts

through the TV in order to demonstrate the procedures for the use of this device or to use as a Training Video.


TRAINING UNITS: All Models have available training unit models.

Able to be obtained at a reduced rate for orders under 100 units / or One ( 1 ) FREE given with every 100 units ordered.


SAFETY CODE COMPLIANT:  Our Smoke and Fire Safety EVAC Hood products

are complaint with and / or have received approvals from the standards drawn

by IMO Resolution No.849, China Classification Society Certificate No. GZT03510025,

the European standard EN401 1993, CMSA, CSA, SGS, NFPA-NIOSH 84 CFR-42,

the ANSI/ISEA 110-2009 American National Standard for Air-Purifying Respiratory Protective  

Smoke Escape Devices, the Brazilian Bureau of Standards, the Thailand Disaster

Prevention Department of the Interior Ministry, the European standard EN401 1993,

EN 403 : 2004, EN :143-2000, EN 136 :1998, EN 403 :1993, EN 14387 : 2004,

EN 14941 : 1998, EN 12942 : 1998, Q / ( HJ ) GA01 : 2003, the Australian & New Zealand

Standard AS/NZS 1716:1994, the SABS ( South African Bureau of Standards),

the Indonesian Ministry of Safety, the CHILE Bureau of Mine Safety

and the Japanese Standard 248, Bureau of Mine Safety MT425-1995

and our factory is ISO9001 Certified.



All product has a 6 year Shelf Life from the Date of Manufacture. 

We do not Offer Longer periods of time - Quite Simply as our Product sells for

less than Half that of our Major Competitors.

We wish to provide the Freshest Inventory to Guarantee Your Protection & Safety

whether attempting escape or awaiting rescue.


FREE ONE TIME REPLACEMENT ( Excluding ANY & ALL applicable Taxes or Duties)

Should you use it in an actual Documented Case where Fire / Smoke

are or / were present where-upon these units were used to facilitate escape

or while awaiting rescue during the 6 year shelf life.

Product should be returned to Distributor or Ourselves along with a Official Report

from Law Enforcement / Fire / Civil Defense / Military Authorities in order to verify

its usage in an actual situation where Smoke and / or Fire were present.

We will replace them Once During the 6 Year Shelf Life.


We look forward to becoming Partners in Saving Lives

Robert Coleman, CEO
C Y Holding Company Ltd
St. Louis, Missouri USA
1-888-892-1828 Toll Free / 1-636-938-1171
1-636-244-1791  Fax

C Y Holding Company Ltd
Guangzhou, PRC China
86-13710770524 Direct Line 24 / 7
86-13538895080 Direct Mobile / 86-20-84687271 Fax


Approved For Use on Pleasure Craft / Steamships & Cruise Ships

by The US Coast Guard & ABS - American Bureau of Shipping